Customer Service EvaluationCustomer Service Evaluation - Telephone & Cyber Mystery Shops

Telephone Mystery Shops provide:

  • prompt, useful feedback for management & employees
  • training tools & performance appraisals
  • communication skill & critical thinking encouragement
  • policies and practices unity / adherence
  • incentive program input
  • etiquette & accuracy improvement

Customer Service Evaluation - Customer Effort TestsCustomer Effort Tests (e-mail, social, text, live-chat mystery shops)
can be used to gauge & monitor:

  • new technologies / access channels
  • web support
  • contact center agent competence
  • sufficiency of online customer service processes
  • promptness, accuracy & completeness
  • professionalism in responding to web inquiries

Struggling with employee monitoring or QA? Customer Service Evaluation

Contact Monitoring / Compliance - Call center monitoringContact Monitoring / Compliance

Call center monitoring and compliance frequently slips through the cracks! But, the oversight is critical.

There are easy, effective quality assurance tools and processes you can implement and continue.

  • What is at risk?
  • What are your models / standards?
  • Are trainers training or just listening to calls?

Call Center Operations / Managers have to figure out what’s possible, what things cost, and often must do so without experience, money, help, seat minimums, or prior metrics. There is a lot to understand.Contact Monitoring / Compliance- Call Center Projects & Programs Help

  • Multiple channels of access?
  • SLAs, KPIs vs. reality?
  • Technology choices?
  • Compliance – TCPA, TSR, HIPAA,FCRA, FDCPA…
  • Quality monitoring, efficiency, and improvement?

Want help assessing call center needs?
Contact Monitoring / Compliance

Customer Research / SatisfactionCustomer Research / Satisfaction - Phone, IVR and Internet Surveys

Phone surveys, IVR surveys and Internet surveys help businesses make informed decisions. They are easy to deploy and provide fundamental customer feedback which can be used to:

  • monitor customer satisfaction
  • increase awareness about demands / needs
  • promote loyalty
  • identify and improve service weaknesses
  • satisfy compliance
  • allow benchmarking
  • assess quality
  • manage customer service commitments

Looking for customer or competitor answers?Customer Research / Satisfaction

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