Customer Service and Client Satisfaction Evaluation Services

Discover what your customers really think based on real life shopping experiences and professional customer service audits. Xzam Corp specializes in improving your customers experience by carefully analyzing their shopping experience and satisfaction levels through client surveys, telephone mystery shopping services, and customer service audits. Good or bad, your customers experience is your reality and our team will help you to fully evaluate their perception and improve sales conversions, data collection, and customer retention.

Customer Service Evaluation - Telephone & Cyber Mystery Shops

Telephone Mystery Shops:

  • prompt, useful feedback for management & employees
  • training tools & performance appraisals
  • communication skill & critical thinking encouragement
  • policies and practices unity / adherence
  • incentive program input
  • etiquette & accuracy improvement

Customer Service Evaluation - Customer Effort TestsCustomer Effort Testing (e-mail, social, text, live-chat mystery shops)
can be used to gauge & monitor:

  • new technologies / access channels
  • web support
  • contact center agent competence
  • sufficiency of online customer service processes
  • promptness, accuracy & completeness
  • professionalism in responding to web inquiries

Struggling with employee monitoring or QA? Customer Service Evaluation

Customer Research & Satisfaction AuditsCustomer Research / Satisfaction - Phone, IVR and Internet Surveys

Phone surveys, IVR surveys and Internet surveys help businesses make informed decisions. They are easy to deploy and provide fundamental customer feedback which can be used to:

  • monitor customer satisfaction
  • increase awareness about demands / needs
  • promote loyalty
  • identify and improve service weaknesses
  • satisfy compliance
  • allow benchmarking
  • assess quality
  • manage customer service commitments

Looking for customer or competitor answers?Customer Research / Satisfaction

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