IVR Customer Survey Services

Customer Surveys Using IVR SystemsIVR (pre-recorded) surveys have a fairly low cost.

Interactive Voice Response surveys can be used to quickly measure customers’ reactions to services just-delivered (call transfer or transactional surveys).  This can be of great help to “flag” service recovery opportunities and collect top-of-mind customer feedback.

IVR surveys are now a part of self-service and are flexible enough to be used in multiple situations. Customer response can be invited by outbound calls, print / marketing materials, or even e-mails containing a toll-free comment hotline.  Some customers actually prefer “impersonal” surveys because they reduce response-bias and embarrassment and give privacy / anonymity.

Feedback need not be limited to numerical responses (please rate on a scale of 1-5); customers can provide verbatim, free-form comments and even ask for live-transfer help.

Would implementing an IVR survey support your quality assurance practices or provide data for specific improvement projects?

Interactive Voice Response Post Call Survey Services

Setting up Post-call IVR surveys is affordable and easy and generally offers an effective solution for collecting real-time customer feedback. In short, Interactive Voice Response surveying collects transactional feedback from consumers that have recently done business or made a purchase with your company.

If you are like most call centers, you likely invest a fair amount of money and energy conducting internal quality reviews as part of your assurance process. An IVR survey invites callers to share input with non invasive questions that capture real responses from real experiences. Though IVR post call surveys share many characteristics with a verbal survey customers may be more comfortable “telling it like it is”.  A short prerecorded script invites the telephone respondent to anonymously enter their responses verbally or by using their keyboard, and then this information is housed, analyzed, and responses are developed accordingly.  This process quickly collects massive amounts of data, provides immediate feedback, and costs less than most other survey programs. Learn more by calling 1-877-992-6267.

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