Customer Service Evaluation, Contact Auditing, Customer Satisfaction, Market Research

An examination (or “Xzam”) is an assessment to measure test-takers’ knowledge, skill, fitness and finesse in a topic or process. Usually significant in consequence, an Xzam may be administered in varied styles, but confined by rigor and requirements. Independence and statistical analysis are used to define terms, scope, difficulty and format.

It is the mission of XzamCorp to provide clients with best-in-class, efficient and effective, customer service evaluation, call center auditing, and satisfaction research services. We seek clients with whom we can establish well-functioning long term relationships and generate repeat business.

who is taking care of your customersService evaluation, contact auditing, market research. customer satisfaction, phone surveys, defection studies, mystery shopping, cyber-shops - internet,email,chat rooms, call-center phone recording grading, web,chat-room, email interation reviewwhat we do diffrently - mystery shop employees, cyber-shop access channels, survey customers, assess the competition, conduct market researchoutside quality - customer service evaluation, call center auditing, market researchCustomer Service Evaluation - Quality Assurance, Employee / Process Monitoring - Call / Contact Center - Volume Efficiency - Effective “Best” Practices - Market Research - Define Goals - Eliminate Error - Collect Data

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