Cyber (Internet, E-mail, Text, On-line Chat Room) Mystery Shops

Internet Mystery Shopping ServicesAn ever growing percentage of customer contact is now on-line. Quick response time and accuracy and completeness in responding to web inquiries are critical to realize increased sales via the Internet.  E-mail and text chat cyber shops can be used to assess these factors, gauge contact center agent competency and determine the sufficiency of on-line customer service processes.

How do you assess the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center agents and online customer service processes?

We mystery shop all customer access channels and media – phone, email and text- chat.  We correspond via e-mail and online chat with customer service representatives.  We provide call recordings, e-contact transcripts and scored reports. Customer interactions are timed, transcribed, evaluated and reported as you prefer.

The average length of employment of a contact center agent is approximately 26 months.

Customers don’t care about your I.T. or workflow – they decide whether you’re a good company by the quality of your representatives and their level of service.

Website Mystery Shopping Solutions

Are you ready to analyze, measure, and manage your internet and website visitors experience? Xzam offers a complete Internet shopper testing solution for websites that are underperforming in sales or converting traffic into qualified leads. Our team realizes that in today’s market the internet is where most shopping begins, and often ends. From navigation to clearly posted call to action items there’s a lot going on when a visitor hits your website and it simply must provide a user friendly experience. Whether reading through your web pages, chatting online, emailing, or calling with inquires about your services the response prospects and would be customers receive along with live interaction will prove to be key to the end result. Questions must be clearly answered, the benefits and features immediately explained, and objections fully overcome. We will help you uncover anything and everything that may be hindering your website visitors from converting to hot, ready to buy sales and leads.

Through analytical evaluations and reporting we will deliver powerful and quantifiable results as we pinpoint the mysteries that are negatively impacting your Internet customers satisfaction.

E-Customer Satisfaction Suggestions

Mystery Shop Quality

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