In-person / Video Mystery Shops

Mystery Shopper ServiceMystery shopping in-person, particularly with a hidden camera in-tow, ventures into the private investigation space.  On a large scale it necessitates a broad network of skilled individuals, with appropriate equipment, willing to act.  But, its impact can be powerful. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth…..?

The number of qualified providers in this space is limited and shops can be expensive (dependent upon what may be required).

What problems are you trying to solve by in-person or video mystery shopping? What solution are you seeking?  Let’s talk about your service standards, expectations, typical scenarios, privacy, compliance and the law.

In Person Secret Shopping and Customer Evaluation Solutions

Ever wonder what it would be like to see your company through your customers eyes? Like it or not your customers perception is your businesses reality and there’s no room for just being okay. Awareness of what shoppers experience at your retail store, apartment complex, or hotel is critical to your bottom line. If you’re serious about staying competitive in any business environment you need to know what your customers are thinking, experiencing, and what they’re missing. That’s where a secret in person shopper service can help. Xzam Corp will develop a well thought out mystery shopping program and capture it on live video to virtually reproduce your customers experience and then help you to analyze the findings to enhance your clients shopping experience, retain more customers, and build your sales revenue.

From banking to medical offices and more we can personalize an onsite mystery shopping solution for your business that’s practical and affordable. Learn more by calling 1.877.992.6267 or request a free no obligation quote here.

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