Working With XzamCorp

Why XzamCorp?

We have decades of operational and technical experience.

But, more importantly, if we can’t do the job for some reason – we’ll promptly tell you.

What should we expect?

Candid feedback. Quick help. Confident, simple proposals.

Who does XzamCorp work with?





Industries / Target:

Companies with lots of brick & mortar that sell products or services requiring high-level customer service interaction or cross/up selling

Examples: Hospitality & Lodging, Rent to Own, Banking Car Rental, Casino, Franchising
Companies recognizing it costs more the acquire a new customer than to satisfy existing ones

Companies focused on repeat bus.Examples: Software, Utilities, Pharma
Businesses with high volume transactions / lots of customer contact
Boutique and Emerging business

Examples: Health & Wellness, Internet Sales, Catalog sales, Insurance, Financial, Retail
Businesses with in-house call / contact centers

Especially those with growth, technical and/or employee / client turnover issues

Decision Makers:

Training, Standards

Guest Relations

Sales Support

Market Research Dept.
C-suite Executives

Project managers
Compliance Officers

Call/Contact Center Supervisors


Customer Service Evaluation

Telephone Mystery Shops

Cyber (e-mail & text chat) Shops

Competitor Shops
Customer Research

Phone / Internet / Paper Surveys

VOC, NPS, Customer Satisfaction

Segmentation, Expansion

Purchase Intent / Key Drivers
Lead Generation

Welcome Calls

Follow-up / Warm Transfer

Customer Care

Call overflow / extended hrs.Order Acquisition
Outside Call Recording Review

Employee / Remote monitoring

Key stroke / screen-shot capture and review

Interaction (required Document) Confirmations


To facilitate a smooth transition from current providers, we will work closely with you in a pre-deployment period to satisfy process and technical requirements.

We will provide you:

  • Access to and thorough testing of processes.

You should provide us:

  • Complete and up-to-date scripting.
  • Specifications and samples of reporting and data files to be exchanged.
  • Access and distribution requirements, including name and email address, store location, etc.

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